About Me

My name is Jerold Tyson and although it has only been one month since I stumbled on this site, I have so far enjoyed the contents on here. Although I have quite a few things that I find not so interesting, I have enjoyed the times I have spent reading the articles. Thanks to the last five articles posted, I have become a pro playing one of my favorite video games; Call of Duty. Anytime I play any of the Call of Duty installments, I always win. My friends think I know of some cheat code that I use but I don’t. I sincerely hope that none of them get a hold of some of the material on your site, if they do, that is it.

I am a 25year old professional footballer. I play for North Carolina FC and since I have been playing for my team since I was 12 years. Looking back, I have had no regret whatsoever about making that decision. My grandfather was a pro, my dad was one too, he played for Twente FC so it was only a matter of time before I followed suit. My initial thought was to become an artist, I was pretty good with a painting brush and a pencil, till my dad had taken myself to watch a match between two of his favorite teams.

I instantly fell in love with the way Giovanni Dos Santos moved around with the ball and I thought, ‘this is something I would want to do’. My dad enrolled me in a football academy and that was how my soccer journey (if you will call it that) started. Of all the things I love about the game, the cleats used on the pitch that awes me every time. I still have the first soccer cleat I used, it is a bit worn out now but it brings back a lot of memories. At the start of this new season, I was asked to choose a variety of cleats to choose from; Nike Mercurial Superfly, Adidas Firm Ground Cleat, Nike HyperVenom  Phantom II, Puma EvoTouch, Nike Tiempo Cleat, the Nike Magista or the Adidas Predito Instinct Cleat. For the first time, I was dumbfounded on which to choose from because all the cleats I mentioned are what the best, as far as football is concerned, use. It got to a time I had to randomly choose.

There are few things I look out for in a cleat; comfort, its weight, and affordability. The issue of comfort is however of top priority to me, I can still compromise on the last two. The list goes on but those are my top three things to look out for before buying a soccer cleat. I preferably love Nike products because they are everything they promise to be.