Adidas Ace 16+ PrimeKnit Soccer Cleats Review

Adidas Ace 16+ PrimeKnit Soccer boots fgWhen it comes to playing soccer on any firm ground pitch, you need soccer equipment that you can depend on. When playing soccer outdoors, you need as much balance as you can get in such a fast paced environment. This makes the Adidas Ace 16+ PrimeKnit the best soccer shoes for you right now. It has every single thing that you need in a pair of soccer shoes, and more! It gives you maximum balance, the deftest of touches and even provides comfort for you when you are out on the field. It is not one of those FG soccer cleats that will have you squealing in discomfort when you spend a couple of minutes on the field. These shoes are light and feel like you are playing barefooted.

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These soccer cleats are still relatively new in the family of Adidas, but it is already being respected as possibly one of the best editions that the prestigious company has made. The knitted technology of the cleats gives the player maximum control of the ball while ensuring that comfort is at the highest priority. If you ask any of the top soccer players around the world today, from Diego Costa to Juan Mata, they will tell you that comfort is the greatest thing to look out for in a pair of soccer cleats. If you are comfortable, then you have an even greater ability to affect the game just the way you want.

In this review, we will be taking a look at some of the mind-blowing features of the Adidas Ace 16+ PrimeKnit, as well as highlighting what we liked and didn’t like about the shoes. Stick around!

Features of the Adidas Ace 16+ PrimeKnit


Super Attractive Design

Reviews mostly focus on the technical aspects of the soccer cleats, and one of the reasons they do this is to distract you from how the shoes look in the first place. They often try to convince you that it isn’t about appearance and more about the technical aspects. How about a pair of soccer cleats that mixes both in the best way possible? These Adidas cleats look very attractive, and it is easy to spot from 30 yards out. This is one reason why players like to buy soccer cleats.

Apart from how it advances your game and makes you into a better player, you also want shoes that make you look as good as you are playing. It is, in fact, true what they say, that the way you look is the way you play. The markers that come with the pure control part of the boots are very visible, and the three Adidas stripes are so unique that you can notice them from wherever you are. There are also different colors of this cleats, and this is excellent for those players that have their individual style to them. It has a low-cut collar that gives the boot a nice silhouette look. In all, the appearance of this pair of cleats is one of our best features.


These Adidas cleats are mainly for the men in midfield. The players that like to dictate the gameplay with the ball at their feet. If you are more of a maestro or a winger that likes having the ball with you at all times, then these cleats are a welcome addition. The unique fabric of the mesh ensures that you do not give the ball away when you accidentally touch a portion of the ball that you shouldn’t. If you want boots that mix the best of technology while still maintaining all of the features of the older and classier boots, then this is the best choice for you.


Adidas Ace 16+ PrimeKnit Soccer Cleats next gen firm groundAdidas certainly did not forget about comfort when they were making these cleats, and this is very evident. In fact, the most experienced players in the game place their comfort above anything else, and why wouldn’t they? The Primeknit technology of the boots ensures that it fits your feet like you are wearing a pair of socks. This is not one of those boots that would hurt your feet after you wear for an hour. The laces of the boots mix nicely with the tongue, so your comfort is never going to be an issue.


The forefoot of this cleats come with an inner lining, so no matter the velocity that you put on your shots, you can be sure that it wouldn’t sting your feet. It also ensures that you don’t have to put too much power into your strike before you see the ball move at full force. The shooting of this boots is so good that it almost feels as though you are playing with a cheat code.

What we liked

Overall, the fit of this boots makes it one of the best soccer shoes out on the market today. It feels like you are playing barefoot, but gives you the right traction that top quality artificial turf soccer shoes should have. The appearance of the boots is also something that we have to remark about. The next time you step out on the turf, you can be sure that your cool Adidas soccer cleats would be the talk of the turf. It is one of the best Adidas soccer cleats regarding appearance.

What we didn’t like

In all honesty, we are still yet to find out what we don’t like about these cleats. They fit like a glove, are comfortable and help you strike the ball correctly. Also, they look great on your feet. What more could you want? The moment we find out something wrong with this cleats, we will let you know, but till then, this is one of the best soccer shoes that money can buy. It will remain as one of the timeless Adidas soccer cleats. It gives you excellent value for your money.

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