Adidas Men’s Messi 16.1 FG Review

adidas-messi-16-1-soccer-cleatsIt is the dream of every football player, whether professional or amateur to reach the heights that great players like Lionel Messi have achieved. The skill, composure and agility of the great Leo on the pitch are attributes that every single footballer hopes to have. Adidas recently partnered with the great footballer – Lionel Messi, to produce soccer cleats that emulate the traits and characteristics he displays on the pitch.

Everyone who watches soccer knows that Leo’s technique of close control on the turf is something that not a lot of footballers have. Adidas recently created soccer cleats that give every soccer player an astounding amount of close control and composure on the pitch. The retired series of adiZero was replaced with these soccer cleats a year ago and has since gained a lot of popularity worldwide.

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I love these boots, they are cozy have traction and provide much needed support, but be warned that these cleats will not make you play like Messi!


It is quite astounding that kit giants Adidas made a line of soccer cleats that are unique to one particular footballer, but then again this is the great Lionel Messi we are referring to. However, it presents the question of what the soccer cleats bring to the table in the first place. This soccer cleats are uniquely light and is made of a synthetic fabric that allows for astounding control on the pitch.

This makes you wonder whether these features are enough to have the Argentine footballer’s signature written across the soccer cleats you play with. Not to worry, it’s a lot juicier than you think. In this article, we will be analyzing in detail, everything you need to know about the Adidas Messi cleats. This will provide you with valuable information about the youth soccer cleats you are thinking about purchasing.

Features of the Adidas Men’s Messi 16.1 FG Football Boots


Any player as talented and famous as the great Lionel Messi deserves his pair of boots, and this is just what Adidas capitalized upon. However, what most aspiring footballers want to know is what makes these cleats so unique, and why you should want to buy them in the first place.

If you are an amateur player, kicking around a soccer ball for fun or even a professional footballer, you will need to take the features of your soccer boots very serious. These features are what determine whether or not your hard earned money was spent wisely. Let’s take a look at what the Adidas Messi cleats has to offer:

Close Control, just like Leo

adidas-messi-firm-ground-cleats-16-1-and-messiIf you are a fan of soccer, one thing you must know by now is that Lionel Messi’s close control is what differentiates him from other footballers. Adidas took this into consideration when creating this impressive line of Adidas Messi cleats. Made from a unique synthetic material, it is a much easier controlling a soccer ball with these Messi cleats than other soccer cleats.

In fact, this is one of the best cleats for soccer if you are the type of player that depends on your ball control to determine the game. Perfect for every midfielder, attacker or even the ball-playing defender, these Adidas Messi cleats improve your control by an incredible amount.


Speed is essential when it comes to soccer. Darting away from your marker as quickly as you can is what determines whether or not you will have ample time to pick a corner and put the ball past the keeper. Adidas took to the style of Lionel Messi on the pitch and emulated his lightening quick speed.

Soccer cleats that improve your speed are often light in weight, and this is what these cleats possess. Practically weightless, the Adidas Messi cleats is designed to help you increase your speed levels on the soccer turf. It almost feels like you are not wearing anything on your feet.

This is just what you need if you are looking to improve on your speed as a soccer player. When you use these cleats on the turf, you will notice a remarkable improvement in your speed on the pitch.

Unique fit

adidas-messi-16-1-firm-ground-cleatsThe Adidas Messi cleats have a unique narrow fit, which is particularly useful to soccer players who have narrow feet. The unique boot makers at Adidas emulate the properties of Leo’s feet when making this boot. Very suitable if you have elongated toes, the soccer cleats take note of those people who have a unique forefoot.

If you have wide feet, these cleats may not be the ideal soccer boots for you, as they may seem very tight around your toe region. It does not stretch a lot because the unique material has properties that affect other aspects of the game.


A crucial feature every soccer cleats must possess comfort. You should be able to go the whole 90 minutes without worrying about your feet being uncomfortable. If you have very narrow feet, then this is one of the best cleats for soccer.

Other features

Some other features of these cleats that will improve your game include the messiFRAME and messiTOUCH features. These boots come with an external cage that helps to provide a cradled effect for your feet. The messiTOUCH feature is unique, due to the synthetic material which contributes to improving your touch as a footballer.

The messiGAMBETRAX stud concept is also something that provides extreme balance and traction for every footballer. These boots are perfect if you are attack minded player or midfielder. It may also be suitable for ball playing defenders who also love to go forward.

These cleats go for under $200. While it may seem pricey, it gives you what you want regarding performance. It also comes with free shipping, ensuring that you do not have to worry about paying extra for getting soccer cleats you want.

All in all, these boots are fantastic if you are a player that is very particular about your control on the field. It also offers you a lot regarding speed and balance, helping you to lose your marker with relative ease. If you are looking for cleats that give you an edge, these are the boots for you.

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