Best Artificial Turf Soccer Cleats Reviews

Turf pitches are getting more and more frequent because they are cheap to build and most important, easy to maintain. Because of these, schools and even training grounds now have artificial turf; this sometimes means that you need two pairs so that you can play on regular grass and train on turf, although some boots can handle both conditions, we will list the best artificial turf soccer cleats below.

With time the turf components will change, as the newer surfaces are a bit harder that they used to, don’t worry because cleats makers are on top of things, and they will regularly come with new improvements. Because, now, in 2016 more and more pitches are being upgraded you surely need that extra edge against the other team!

As you can probably imagine there are multiple types of soccer cleats that you can buy, we made a list of all soccer shoe types that you can get here. Each type was created for a type of pitch, so you wouldn’t play well wearing Indoor shoe on an artificial turf when raining. Some soccer boots are made to suit and give a small boost to a player type, let’s say for example that you are a fast runner playing midfield, you like running with the ball, thus you don’t need a boot made for a keeper, do you? For the complete list click here.

Types of artificial turf?

We would see two types of AstroTurf: 3G and sand based. The 3G turf contains little rubber pellets covering the artificial grass. The sand one is an artificial grass carpet with sand on it. With time we will get better and better surfaces to play one, right now, the most common type is 3G. This is good news because you can now play with your favorite firm ground boots and not necessarily buy a pair of rubber sole turf soccer shoes.

Can I wear my top notch firm ground soccer shoes? Yes, you can, and you will have a great time doing this on any 3G turf pitch. As we know there are a couple of FG studs configurations to choose from, the ones that work on both are the canonical studs. In our reviews, we will specify if that pair of shoes is appropriate. Cleats that have blades are no good and you can your opponent can get hurt because you don’t have any grip thus making turns and sprints tough.

Turf shoes have their problems and the main advantage, you can play with them on both 3G and sand turf, and they are a lot cheaper than FG shoes. Some players complain that you don’t get any traction from the rubber sole and in wet conditions, you will slide all over the place. Other players, like me, can’t play with FG shoes on a turf pitch, so basically it gets down to preferences and the most common turf surface. Do you play on sand and 3G or just 3G?

Which is better? As stated above, all of them have their problems; you must think about those and decide. No matter what, do use your blade soccer shoes on AstroTurf, you will injure yourself and possibly other people in a tackle goes wrong. If you are on a budget and use turf pitches just for training, buy a cheaper pair of conical stud shoes or a good pair of turf soccer shoes. If you are lucky enough to play indoor, then you must buy a pair of indoor turf soccer shoes.

Now, let’s concentrate on the future, turf soccer cleats, let’s take a look at some boots that we consider the top boots to have this year!

Best artificial turf soccer cleats list

5Diadora DD NA 2 GLX

When you think of Diadora, you surely think about quality boots made out of leather, you’d be surprised about this one, quality is there, but the leather was change to synthetics, let’s see what these turf soccer speed boots are worth it. The design is flashy, have to say that, but in a right way, as I like this look, I think I will run better in them, no?

Diadora calls the synthetic material SuprellPro3L, which is designed to mold to any foot shape, it is treated with a particular enzyme that makes it better at controlling the ball. Another special addition is Diadora’s NET Breathing System that helps air flow inside the boot. For this, we suggest a ½ size bigger.

Diadora DD NA 2 GLX

The DD-NA 2 GLX weigh 6.2 oz and are oriented towards a winger, creative, attacking type of players if you are one, this is a great boot for you. The SuprellPro3L provides quality touch and feedback when connecting with the ball; you will love dribbling in them. When striking the boot, Diadora could have gone with a more flexible upper; that would have had a better feel and maybe more accurate as this is a speed boot.

Traction is something where they went all the way, with nine diamond-shaped studs and four conical ones placed in strategic places, you will never be out of grip on any AG pitch. The NET Breathing System is like an air conditioning unit for your feet, and if you play outdoor it will keep you cool, don’t imagine freezing, but you will be comfortable.

If you are an active player and like to dribble a lot, then buy this pair, this is not a shoe for everybody.

4 Diadora DD-NA 2 Turf

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Diadora to the rescue, with a beautiful vibrant pair of turf shoes made from a waterproof Suprellsoft synthetic material and a nice and organized multi-studded rubber outsole. When looking at them you know they were made in Italy which gives them street cred and a great addition to our list of the best artificial turf shoes. They are perfect for any turf, 3G or sand; you can wear them anywhere as they are not your typical soccer boots.

As you know, Footgolf started to be a thing a while back, if you want to play it you can’t wear your SG or FG cleats that will destroy the grass. You will not find any power improvements on these boots, but the feedback that you get from the ball is not bad compared to others. Your running will undoubtedly improve as they are light, and the rubber sole configuration provides much-needed traction.

Diadora DD-NA 2 Turf

Traction is vital, and you will have plenty of that with the Diadora DD-NA 2, with a nice uniform sole pattern that also provides much needed stability. Check them out if you want something new to wear and why not, show off!

3 Nike Bomba Finale II

The new and improved Bomba Finale II is a long way from its original appearance, and now it looks more like the Hypervenom since it got an upgrade to the new NikeSkin for the upper. Even if this model is old, it is one of the best turf soccer shoes that you can get for quite an accessible price. They look very aggressive thanks to the color pallet and the NikeSkin and ballistic mesh combo. It weighs 9.4 oz, which is a bit on the heavy side compared to what the market has to offer right now.

Nike Bomba Finale II

As you probably know by now, NikeSkin is pretty close to natural leather when it comes to the touch; the same thing can’t be said about it molding to the feet. The pattern on the upper does a great job providing friction and feedback with the ball in wet conditions, even though it folds awkward in some places.

You will not have any issues with the fit of the shoes as it can host comfortably anybody with narrow and wide feet. You must make sure that they fit tight as the mesh can make you blisters if the fit isn’t right. Like any Nike shoes, you can use your current size so no need to size up or down with these.

You should be careful breaking them in as it takes a couple of wears before you can go and play a full game in them, treat them like any other leather shoes, the mesh will loosen a bit, unlike most synthetics. Some players had to change the insole as they felt uncomfortable with it, you should be ready to hit a full game in about four or five wears.

Ball control is critical, and these shoes do a great job improving your shots as the mesh and nikeskin combo create more friction, thus improving control. It won’t absorb that much, but you will have a killer time in them for sure. Durability in another concern that all of us share and I for one very impressed with the build quality and I am sure that I will have this pair by my side for a couple of years.


2 Nike Elastico Superfly AG

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Nike felt like they were left behind when it comes to artificial turf soccer shoes so they had to make some changes in their design and most important, performance. What better way to approach something like this that taking a proven platform and make changes to it, thus this cleat is based on the Mercurial Superfly a FG boot that had major plastic surgery.

As you can imagine the two boots are similar, but they belong in different worlds, as the TF cleat has be lowered so the foot is now closer to the ground and it got an added layer of Nikeskin to make it last longer.

Nike Elastico Superfly TF

You should order ½ size larger as the boot is pretty tight, side note, this one is not for you if you have wide feet. Unfortunately, this turf cleat has a break in period, unlike most soccer shoes that can be used right out of the box. As the boot features a collar that takes a bit longer to break in, you should use a piece of Moleskin on you Achilles to avoid any unwanted blisters.

Ball control and feedback is just superb in this boot, the added layer of Nikeskin does the job, and the collar connects your ankle and leg perfectly. Ball control is critical in the turf scene so is air time, and you can do both incredibly well with these, as the boot was redesigned to offer these features.

If you play in the middle, or you prefer control, these pair of turf soccer cleats are perfect, designed for tight spaces where grip is critical; Nike has your back, and they love to make performance-oriented boots!

1 Adidas Ace 16+ Primeknit

We all have high hopes from somebody like Adidas to produce German engineering on the soccer field, and the Ace 16+ doesn’t fall short. Incorporating all the great features that the Ace 15 had and came with some new tricks. Just to name a few things that stayed: the upper, made out of Primeknit, perfect fit, tight wrap, sock liner and perfect construction.

At a first glance, these turf soccer shoes look gorgeous, and they do function perfectly featuring a Primecut collar just below the ankle for added support. If you had the change to test run a pair of Ace 15 you know how comfortable they are and this new model continue the legacy.

Adidas Ace 16+ Primeknit

You will not have any issues breaking in these shoes as the Primeknit is soft and flexible right from the box. The Primecut offer added support making them a joy to wear and play in. Sizing is different here, as they are a bit long if you prefer to have some room in the toe-box get your regular size, if you want to be strapped-in and snug in, gat a half size down. The Primeknit doesn’t stretch it just follow your feet angle, so size is important.

The upper provides incredible feedback, way better than Nike’s Magista or Puma’s EvoPOWER; your strike will undoubtedly improve. The collar is noticeable but will not affect or get in your way. Weight is about 8.2 oz; that is about the average in the AG category.

When it comes to durability, Adidas know what they are doing, will not face any issues and you will probably have them for at least 1 season and beyond.

How to choose the best turf soccer shoes?

We should be grateful that we have multiple brands competing in this sector as we have many models available to choose from. We can opt for a modern or traditional look, different materials that have different qualities and disadvantages and various prices range that we can check out. The truly important point is the comfort, if we do not feel good in them we will have a hard time playing or even hating the games (this can happen to children if you do not pay attention).

Is price that important?

Well, of course, it is, you need a pair of top notch artificial turf cleats, a pair of firm ground ones and maybe a soft ground pair, all these add up to a couple of hundreds. You can go lower than $50 for each of them, but you will probably lose money with this option because they do not last long, and you are putting your health in danger.

Cheaper pairs of cleats are made with lower grade materials that have little to strength, and you will probably feel miserable in them and if something brakes when sprinting, you can get hurt badly. Price is important, but if you love what you do, you should spend some money on it but don’t go overboard, keep it under $200 and you will find the perfect balance between quality and price!

How do we choose what to buy?

We will try to help you as much as possible with our in-depth reviews, but you should rely on your experience also. If you know that for example, Nike doesn’t fit that well on you, avoid them, there are multiple brands to choose from. Take a look at our rating system; that will give you the TL;DR summary.

Check out our detailed material checklist if you need to know more about them. Most cleats are made out of synthetic materials, which is not a bad thing considering how much Nike, Adidas, and all other brands spend on research to get to them. Make sure, if you get a pair of synthetic turf soccer cleats, to be a bit loose as unlike leather, these materials don’t stretch!

If you intend to buy a pair for you child, make sure they are not too loose because he will not be able to sprint or make sharp turns and he has to do them to learn all the drills. The boots are not something he will grow into, so make sure the pair of cleats is nice and comfy.

What to look for when buying the best pair of turf soccer cleats

If you want to use the same pair of cleats for both artificial turf and grass, there are a few choices that are suited for both conditions, but you should think at the predominate side. How much time do you spend on turf and how much on grass? You should get a cheaper pair of firm ground cleats if you play on grass less than you do on artificial turf.

There are multiple material choices to be made; these are this is the main price reason because a pair of kangaroo leather will surely cost you more than a synthetic boot made 2 years ago. Which one will last longer? Nobody can tell you, but be sure that you will feel better in the leather pair, at least I do!

Another aspect to consider when looking for the ultimate pair of turf soccer boots is the weather. Leather boots will get heavier when wet while the synthetics will not and most of them are water proof which leather is not. But, in hot weather the leather boots will let your feet breath, thus making your time more enjoyable, while with the synthetics, you will have wet feet (if they are waterproof).

We hope that you had fun reading our buyer guide for the ultimate soccer cleats that you need to have if you play on artificial turf. If you feel that we’ve missed something, use the contact page to let us know!