Nike Bomba Finale II Soccer Shoe Review

nike-bomba-finale-ii-blue cleats reviewNike is synonymous with great products, in actual fact the range of products produced competes favorably with other brands producing the same products but with different features. Among this range of products is the Nike Bomba II Soccer Shoe, which is among the Nike FC247 collection.

This product is stylish, practical and comfortable. The Nike Bomba II soccer shoes are one of the best turf shoes football players can have, and takes control and delivers high performance to meet the needs of the explosive artificial game, which forms part of the new and exciting FC247 collection launched by Nike, this new range is aimed at creating both performance and durability.

The synthetic upper gives the impression of real leather, delivering a soft and comfortable feel covering the front of the foot. Soft lining around the ankle and heel allow the trainers to be easily broken in with a heel providing more support and protection. The innovative dimpled rubber turf grip generates optimum balance on artificial and hard turfs, whether used for training or simply for the real match.

As with any New Nike footwear, their choice of design and color is always the center of attraction and this design is no exception.

This product is a reflection of the need for enhanced performance for effectiveness on the part of the sport personality who desires to be better on the field of play. It is purely in leather form, suitable for carpet turf while also being a great choice for outdoor surfaces. It comes in different colors such as; black, hyper turq and cool grey.

What makes the Nike Bomba Finale II Stand Apart


Comfort and Weight

This is one of the best turf soccer cleats and its design creates room for a soft touch and cool feet feelings for short distance speed when a player is involved in a high tempo match that stretches a player beyond the regular matches that might not be so demanding. The shoe is quite good for players who love to do more with the ball by turning and twisting on the turf, the soccer cleat offers a platform for these to be done seamlessly with a whole lot of creativity.

This comfort is made possible by the suede heel liner and also keeps the heel in shape, locked in one position. The insole is removable and can be changed as desired for other choices. Also the sole offers a natural feel when running on the turf due its rubber-like nature (as opposed to plastic).

Furthermore, due to its lightweight nature, which makes it to be lower than the average weight, it aids the speed of players, which also offers great balance when running due the aligned nature of the studs.


In terms of traction, the rubber nature of the stud, gives a good balance for traction, which in essence allows for heat to easily escape and makes it durable; this is needed for players who play mostly in the tropics, as most times the temperature might be on the increase during a particular match.

Players playing during the summer will find this product handy and effective for the period as the product is weather specific and efficient. Also, the rubber feel of the stud guide players against unnecessary injuries that might arise during a tension soaked match. It is quite indispensable in playing on the abrasive surface of the turf, while also wanting to be creative and effective on the field of play.


This Nike soccer shoes are designed to have a thin feeling but great touch on the ball at all times for easy control of the ball when using the top (which is made of leather), while the in-step trapping is cool with the rubber stud. It also offers great protection, which may occur when a player is stepped on during a match. It is solidly padded on the inside, which allows it to cushion the effect of being stepped on by some other player while playing on the turf.

It is what most players will desire these days because most matches being played are high tension soaked matches, with a lot of fouls being generated in particular. The thick rubber outsole, and reinforced synthetic materials used for the upper part makes it a very well built boot that is designed to withstand anything that you throw at it. Sand paper grip inside also offers stability when on the offensive; the precision is what is needed when players want to shoot, and gives assurance that the ball will go to the desired direction.

In general, the shoe gives good control, precision, quite durable and it is the desire of players who love to play on the turf. Great value for the price tag slapped on the boot, this is because on the average the desire of most players today is to run fast, guide against injuries, get a good angle on the ball to shoot and make little error when shooting while also having good grip of the ball while running.

Whether you’re playing on artificial grass exclusively, or simply need a pair of turf shoes to keep in your bag for a particular match as a player, the Bomba II is definitely something to look forward to for effective performance.

In conclusion, it ranks amazingly high for the product design, effectiveness, and ability to address the need of players to perform efficiently and also the value for the product is quite irresistible. With this kind of product is noteworthy that players who are scared of the turf should be able to do considerably well using the Nike Bomba II soccer shoe.

I will recommend the product to anyone who desires great performance on the field of play and will like to make great and remarkable impact playing soccer. What else can be said of the product other than just to conclude that it is simply the best among the best available in the world of soccer where great performance is desired without delay.

Overall, this particular soccer boot is one that provides every single thing you need on the soccer pitch to completely dominate the competition. It is also quite affordable if you are looking for great quality.

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