Nike Elastico Superfly AG Review

Nike Elastico Superfly Best Artificial Turf Soccer BootsNike is a household name in the world of sport. They recently gave a lift to soccer shoes by creating room for enhanced speed and optimum performance on the turf and hard surfaces. This is a revolutionary technology for speed in particular.

This is one piece of design that is well integrated for improved breathability stretch and support, added to the well locked-down fit. It is quite a breathtaking design, been considered as the best artificial turf soccer shoes, with registered trademarks in the market for exceptional quality.

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Football players love to give closer attention to protecting the ankle when preparing for a match of any magnitude (amateur or professional level). The Nike Elastico Superfly Shoe comes quite handy for this purpose, as it gives a refreshing and soothing feeling on the ankle, allowing players to be free when on the run while trying to be offensive at the same time.

This is also indispensable, when on an assault and equally on the look-out for a possible way to get the ball to the back of the net without getting a serious knock from the opponent on the ankle. The socks-like ankle neck is quite an added padding to the socks been worn; this is to serve as a protector in the real sense of it.

Interestingly, the lacing is done in such a way that the feet are well seated in the shoe, making it the best buy when a player considers the suitability of holding the ball and distributing passes effortlessly and also having a solid grip on the ball. When one is trying to control long passes and at the same time desires to beat an opponent to the ball, these cleats are perfect.

The shape of the front tip offers the best feel against the wind when running; it is designed in such a way to go well against the wind when a player is at high speed. The rubber edges around the Nike Elastico Superfly aids good precision on the ball. It is a rubber-like feature, which can be stretched to accommodate the texture of the ball, giving the player ample opportunity to have a better feel of the ball, as compared to the plastic types, which most times makes the ball go in any direction when in contact with the shoe, but not necessarily the desired direction by the player.

This is quite a tool to be in the bags of players who want maximum performance; the Nike Elastico Superfly comes as a haven, to attain the level of performance desired by most clubs in the business of soccer.

Also, these football turf cleats are mostly adaptable to artificial turfs and surprisingly indoor surfaces which might be hard in nature, this is due to its rubber-like outsoles, this improves grip on these surfaces. This I will say is the best choice for artificial turf, and the pick of superstars, who will like to maintain their rose to fame in the game as a whole.

Features of the Nike Elastico Superfly

nike elastico superfly FG Cleats

Nike Elastico Superfly should be the choice of players in the world of soccer due to the following:


Most sports personalities who are actively involved in football, crave for a good soccer shoe when playing on the artificial turf. The stress of running from the opponents half of the turf to one’s end of the artificial turf is enough stress already. So therefore, for a player to have a good feel for the ball and to move quickly with it, such player will require the right shoe and the Nike Elastico Superfly is such soccer shoe that will give a soothing relief on the metatarsals, which are been locked together and also the ankle received a padded spot, while also locking it in close knit for maximum performance. This should be a good reason, even if it is the only reason why a player and a soccer team will opt for this great design.


Most times, we watch soccer players, who have made their marks on the field of play. Have we ever wondered why some of them have a good output when they strike the ball? The answer is quite simple. The cleats worn have a superb effect on gameplay. Also, the primary ingredient is to have good mind reading of the ball and the space available. Another important aspect is the nature of the soccer shoe worn to execute such mind reading ability. This Nike Superfly turf shoes the best of precision when needed for optimum performance at all times, as you know, Nike makes all types of soccer cleats, if you are interested in seeing the best selection of soccer cleats reviews check out this page.

Fashionable and Comfortable

The design of the soccer shoe is stylish for the modern footballer, which is quite relevant in the present context. It comes in fresh, bright colors. Also, it has a smart fit on players, and when this is in place, a player can be the choice of a manager especially when the player is quite skillful on the field of play.

Traction and Weight

The studs in the outsole of the soccer shoe aid excellent traction against the artificial turf, which in essence will make a player be able to carry out different kind of skills on the turf, while also running with the ball. Furthermore, the underfoot is such a great design for speed, as the grip, it has on the turf allows the player to be well propelled for improved speed on the turf. It is also light, making it a perfect design for speed and balance. Many consider it to be not too heavy and not too light when used on the turf, but of the right weight for balance and multi-directional movement.

nike elastico superfly multiple colors to choose from


In conclusion, this is a great design from the revolutionary Nike. This product is a threat to other products of its range, sold in the market. I strongly recommend this for any player in any team in the world, because what makes a player is the ability to play modern day football on the turf and excel beyond the expectations of many, even when it is seemingly difficult.

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