Nike Hypervenom Turf Cleats Review

Nike Hypervenom Turf Cleats reviewAmong the Hypervenom series, the Phinish and the Phantom have almost the same look and features, except for the dynamic collar fit. The Phinish design has an irregular shape around it, with a bare sole plate.

The criss-cross design is somewhat unique, which might not be attractive at first glance, this is done in a bid to give it the ornamental design it requires. When compared to the Phantom series, which boast of spider web-like design of the sole plate, the Nike Hypervenom Phinish II, has a solid single color design.

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The Nike Hypervenom turf cleats designed to be used on specific surfaces, but the Nike Hypervenom Phinish II can be used on a range of surfaces and these includes; firm grounds, artificial grounds, and soft grounds.

This design has a textured upper part with a Nikeskin and all condition control technology. It also contains a tongue-less design, for a sock-like fit. There is no dynamic fit collar when compared to the rest of the hypervenom series. The body part has a Flywire, while the insole is comfortable padded for smartness. It is lightweight, with a weight of 198grams, this might not be all that light, when compared to the light soccer boots in the market.

The Nike Hypervenom Phinish II, like the phantom generations, offers textured agility on the field of play, due to the aligned studs. While the sole plate commands a split toe advantage, for stability when attacking. I must confess that the world’s best strikers should have this among their best soccer cleats. The 3-D textured upper with the all condition control (ACC) technology, aids usage in either wet or dry weather condition. The Nikeskin helps to achieve a close to perfect fit, making the foot have a natural feel on the ball.

Additionally, the Nike Hypervenom Phinish II contains a well-built heel cup; this is to maintain the close fit and avoid or primarily to reduce unnecessary pressure on the studs.

Features of the Nike Hypervenom Turf Cleats


What makes the Nike Hypervenom Phinish II, to be so attractive a cleat?


This is not the regular easy to wear at first use, but over time it will turn out to be very comfortable to wear. This is as a result of the internal lining of the boot, which is made up of synthetic soft as oppose to the natural soft. The lacing of the boot is done in such a way that is tightened to foot with a bit of space and soft feeling. Also, the Flywire can be seen in the upper part of the boot, through to the soleplate, which allows the foot conform to a locked in feel, inside the boot.


Nike Hypervenom Cleats are excellent regarding control and agile traction. The Nike Hypervenom Phinish II, is no exception,  as it has the perfect pattern of the studs and split toe for stability. Also, with the upper design made more like the original hypervenom, the ball control is close to perfection coupled with the multidirectional movement of the player. The midfielders will find this useful to be an outstanding midfielder in particular. The conical studs are arranged in the best possible way to reduce entire surface pressure around the boot.

Furthermore, the split toe design creates room for the big toe to be flexible in nature, giving the player more options, regarding space when on the run with the ball. This design is considered to be the athletic soccer cleat; the split toe makes it be quite flexible.

In general, this design gives the same traction either on the firm ground, natural ground or soft ground.

Performance on the ball

The off-centered lacing in combination with the upper design provides an excellent surface to comfortably strike the ball at a point of relevance for the goalkeeper to save the ball. While the honeycomb texture serves as a cushion to reduce the impact of the ball on foot. The tongueless tip makes it a robust design for taking long distance range shot. The honeycomb also gives a soft touch on the ball; thereby making it a perfect option, when one wants to dribble but also intends to keep possession of the ball. This is definitely what a right midfielder will need to deliver the killer pass for a goal opportunity.

Feel and Fit

The Nike Hypervenom Phinish II, has a solid feel and fit on foot, giving the foot a “locked down” feeling while maintaining a balanced structure of the soccer boot. This is a reflection of the non-stitching approach deployed in designing the edges, so as to make the boot conform to the shape of the foot.

With this in place, the big feet players can also use the product. The interesting thing about the boot is that when it is used to strike, it gives a shovel like an appearance, thereby offering a wider surface to connect with the ball. This soccer boot can provide the best feel and fit for the foot, thus making the player be on top of his game.



In conclusion, this design comes with just a different but reduce features, when compared to the Phantom series. However, it has a reduced weight, which might be the quality that can attract a player to it. This is because light soccer boots can be used for rapid movement on the field of play. This soccer cleat also has the best of fitness on the leg, while also ensuring that it is flexible for the desired result.

I will say it is quite a revelation from Nike and will stand the test of time. This soccer cleat should be ranked among the best turf soccer cleats for kids when soccer shoes for kids are needed. This is quite important as it offers a good feel on the fit, thereby helping the young players to learn how to be flexible on the field of play, which is the hallmark of a good player.

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