Nike Magista Obra Soccer Shoes Review

Nike Magista Obra Soccer Shoes 2016 ReviewNike comes with a pleasant surprise in the soccer world, with the invention of what might look like a strange but awesome design of boot, which is quite different and towers high above its peers in the world of soccer. The Nike Magista Obra is a sight to behold. Regarding appearance, this is certainly one of the best soccer cleats on the market.

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This is one of the soccer shoes that will stand the test of time. Taking a good look at the design of the Nike Magista Obra, one would clearly see that it has a dynamic fit collar, different from other Nike products. The inside of the flyknit is padded with foams for protection against shock. Also, there is a flyknit in the area of the lacing, to give a strong and stretched feel when the boot surface comes in contact with anything stronger than the ball. Most classic players, who desire to be different, can opt for this design, as it combines relevance with optimum performance.

The Nike Magista Obra Soccer cleats, when compared to other range of products on offer, gives a barefoot feeling on the ball (a feature unique to only the best soccer boots). This was put in place to give a closer contact between the foot and the ball. Anyone who desires such feeling to get one Nike Magista Obra simply and put it on, to know how it feels.

This boot also offers great protection for the ankle, which most players will love so much, as ankle injury can end a soccer player’s career. Therefore, this is a fresh choice for most players, who like to dribble but will always be fouled on the field of play, while trying to outsmart a defender on the opposing side.

Features of the Nike Magista Obra Soccer

Why so much noise about this particular design from Nike? Let’s take a deeper look at what this soccer cleats have to offer.

nike magista obra ii profile

Touch and Comfort

The flyknit technology deployed by Nike in the design of the Nike Magista Obra gives the foot a soothing relief like never before. The dynamic fit collar keeps the foot in close knit with the inside of the boot, thereby making it a choice for many players, if not all the players. Also, the dynamic flyknit at the upper part of the boot feels a bit hard; this is mainly to give room for the extra touch when a player needs to add extra effort to make a fantastic shot at goal with great touch and comfort.

This makes one to have excellent control and feel of the ball, without feeling the sting of the ball when taking a shot, with so much power. Also, the tongue area is made up of bright flyknit, which allows the foot to be stretched to a comfortable distance where the toes can feel the tip of the boot. The flyknit is a cool combination of yarns and so many other fabrics. With the aid of modern day technology, they are then made flexible, padded to have a cushioning effect and also designed to be light.

Precision and Durability

The flyknit technology used at upper part of the boot, consist of flywire and biro cables, which makes way for consistent control and stability when the lace is tightened together. Furthermore, the outsole is made up of nylon, which aids multi-directional movement, on the field of play as desired by the player. It can also be used to increase the pace of players at the Sam time slow down the pace.

The Nikeskin offers an excellent performance of the boot while also making sure that it lasts longer. This boot is the choice of players who play in the middle of the pack, the midfielders, who love to be creative with the ball on the field of play in particular.

Most times we watch soccer players who have been successful on the field, and their secret is in their choice of boot, coupled with the ability to utilize space within the area. This product offers the best of precision when needed for optimum performance at all levels and all times.


This soccer boot as a modern day soccer shoe is quite light, making it a perfect fit for speed. This is a match for any speed on the field of play at any point in time. For players who love to run, this design comes in very handy. Speed is needed when a team is counter attacking the opposition for a goal; this boot can do no wrong when used during a counter attack.


Nike Magista Obr sole

The nylon studs in the outsole of the soccer shoe aid excellent traction against the turf, which makes a player be able to carry out different kind of skills on the field of play while also serving as an excellent boot for speed when needed. The underfoot is such a great design for it to hold the turf in position forming a refreshing balance with the turf seamlessly. Also, it is leather-like creating a better feel on foot, which aids better traction on the turf. This is the best choice for artificial turf and the pick for superstars who desire to maintain their fame in the world of soccer for a very long time in particular.

Due to the flyknit  of the Nike Magista soccer cleats, players can control the ball better making it a better choice to control the ball, even if the ball is so high up in the sky. The tongue, which is also flyknit, is also good when one wants to trap the ball with the instep.

In conclusion, there are different types of soccer shoes produced by Nike, but this soccer shoe is the best among soccer shoes I have seen, if the desire of a player, most especially the upcoming players to get to the top of the ladder, competing strongly for the world footballer of the year, I feel strongly that having this design handy will be a step in the right direction towards achieving such dream.

I can only recommend this soccer boot to everyone and anyone desiring to be better than the rest of the field of play, to the admiration of the fans in any given match. This is simply the best boot in the market that can make a good player, a superstar to the surprise of many soccer lovers in general.

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