Nike5 Gato Indoor Soccer Cleats Review

Nike-5-Gato-II-Mens-Indoor-Court-Trainers-BlackGreenIf you are looking for the best indoor soccer shoes, then the Nike5 Gato is one of the series that you should be considering. It remains one of our favourites for enjoying the beautiful game of soccer. There are two different lines when it comes to the Gato series, and it includes the Nike5 Gato leather and the Lunar Gato, which is more expensive than the former. There are different materials that the Gato upper body can be made from. This means that you can buy a pair in synthetic or leather depending on your preferences. There however is no difference in the price with respect to the material of your choice. However, a lot of users tend to prefer the leather cleats to the synthetic version for a host of reasons.

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Buying soccer equipment can always be a little bit tricky because you don’t really know what you’re getting without proper information prior to your purchase. However, thanks to our indoor soccer shoe review, you can have all that you need to know before you go ahead to buy a shoe to enjoy this beautiful game.

In this review, we will be taking a look at some of the features of the Nike Gato. Let’s jump straight in.

Features of the Nike5 Gato



When it comes to comfort, there are very few soccer cleats on the market that can come close to the Nike5 Gato. There are relatively more comfortable than a lot of other indoor soccer shoes out on the market today. One problem that users seem to have with soccer shoes is that they are very uncomfortable. This is often down to their extremely low profile. This means that sometimes it can feel like you aren’t wearing anything on your feet at all.

The Gato is quite different when it comes to this problem. It gives you a cushion that is much thicker than most other soccer boots, and it helps to protect the running motion of your entire foot. This gives you more protection during impact and allows you to remain comfortable when you are playing on those hard indoor surfaces that are so unforgiving on your feet. This cushioned feeling is brought with nike’s foam cushion on the inside of the shoes. When it comes to comfort, the Gato is perfectly balanced.

Giving you just the right mix between proper balance, and feeling the turf underneath your feet. Also, the Nike5 Gato gives you comfort when you are considering the upper material of the shoes. They allow the user to choose between leather or synthetic materials. There is also no distinction in the price, which is something that we like. The upper material of the shoes gives it the best possible fit and ensures that the shoes don’t overstretched.

The heel is backed with a thin layer of padding, which ensures that you do not get blisters while playing. In terms of fit, the Gato is also very good. While there are some other lines of the Nike series in terms of how they fit, the Gato more than makes up for it with the comfort that it brings.



In terms of the weight of the shoes, you wouldn’t be too disappointed. It weighs approximately 10oz, which isn’t so bad considering the amount of cushioning that goes into the production of the shoe. Indoor shoes are getting lighter by the day, and more users are tending to favour lighter shoes because they make playing the game of football so effortless. Almost like you are playing with your bare feet. However, users often have to trade the comfort that the shoes bring for more lightweight shoes. Thankfully, with this series, Nike was able to strike the perfect balance for users to enjoy. There are shoes on the market that may weigh less than the Gato, but in terms of comfort, we highly doubt that such shoes will be able to give you the same.


The Nike5 Gato’s touch is quite good, but still underperforms when compared to the Lunar Gato. However, the Lunar Gato is more expensive, so this shoe gives you a fairly balanced trade. The materials that make up the Gato allow the player to effectively control the ball without giving room for too much bouncing. The leather on the front of the shoes is quite soft and thin, which allows you to have a beautiful close control when you hit the turf. This is something that we really like. One thing that we didn’t like about the shoes is the suede forefoot of the shoes. While it isn’t so bad, it is a lot thicker than most users would like and tends to look a little bit too large. However, the main reason why the suede is there if for the purpose of durability. .


The Gato is built for durability and comfort. It is one of the best soccer boots that you can buy if you are all about comfort. The presence of the suede that runs all through the inside of the forefoot ensures that it doesn’t degrade so easily when you are out on the field. This is definitely one of the best Nike soccer cleats that you can buy if you want a long lasting product.


What we liked

We really liked the comfort of the Nike5 Gato. It truly seemed like a shoe that was built for the purpose. When you spend long hours running on an indoor turf, the last thing you need is for your feet to be hurting you. This shoe was created so that players do not have this problem repeatedly. We also liked the fit of the boots, which give you a pretty good feeling when you are out on the turf.

What we didn’t like

We didn’t like the suede lining that comes on the inside of the forefoot. It made the shoe seem quite bulky and can have an effect on your touch if you are using the shoes for the first time. On the bright side, using this shoe can significantly improve your ball control out on the turf. We also didn’t really like the completely mesh tongue of the shoes. It should have some leather which would make juggling the ball feel less like a cushion.

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